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FRR Advisory

FRR Advisory is a professional accounting firm located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a group of professional accountants dedicated to offer the best support and advice on all aspects of our clients’ requirements to maximize their corporate value.

What we do

Consulting Services

Audit and Assurance

With the aim to enhance your business operation, such as internal controls, accounting practices and corporate governance, we work with you to strengthen the trust and transparency of your financial information. Our group of professionals will work with you to avoid and detect any inaccurate or misinformation, to produce a fair and accurate representation of the overall financial status of your business. This will provide invaluable confidence, credibility and assurance to your stakeholders, and even attract potential investors and buyers. A professional audit service will also help with better financial planning and budgeting for the future. Our deep knowledge in Audit and Assurance will assist you to navigate risk, strengthen your business functions and improve your business performance.

Tax Compliance and Advisory

Corporate tax can be complicated and challenging, especially when tax laws keep changing constantly. Therefore, companies have to keep up with the changes, adjusting tax filing and reporting according to the new laws and policies. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, our professional team keeps abreast of the changes of tax policies and regulatory. At FFR Advisory, we provide exceptional Tax Compliance and Advisory service, we work with you to cope with the challenging tax matters, maintaining company tax compliance even amid changing regulations and tax reform. Our areas of expertise include corporate tax, stamp duties, sale & service tax, structuring of acquisitions, capital gains tax and etc.

Business Advisory

With pressure competitiveness in the market, business leaders often facing numbers of challenges. It can be hard for them to decide what is the best solution or policy that truly benefit their business. FRR Advisory provides visionary insights with reliable advice that assisting you to optimizing your employees, fine-tuning your business strategies and minimizing potential risks. Our quality Business Advisory service delivers solution to unlock your business growth by identifying your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.


The increasing complexity accounting environment has exacerbated the challenge of companies’ finance functions. FRR Advisory provides comprehensive support in managing your corporate accounting. We are a dedicated group of accounting professionals, possessing considerable experience in public listed companies on financial statement preparation, accounting and bookkeeping assistance, income tax preparation and compliance, standard annual reports and many more. Our quality service will help your business to save additional times on overwhelmed technical work, which is better spent on your core business activity, in order to improve your business performance.

IPO Advisory Services

With the objective to expand your business, FRR provides assistance and exposure to raise capital through the US capital market, which is also known as the world largest capital market. We provide a one stop solutions for our client from drafting of prospectus, providing assistance in reporting to regulatory, capital structure advisory and many more. Our quality service will allow your business to expand internationally through the exposure in the world largest capital market.


Core Value

Professionalism is the fundamental of a company. Our company possess a team of professionals with extensive experience that is committed to provide the best customized services and solutions to every client. Client satisfaction is our priority.

Responsibility is our key to build trust and accountability with our clients. We hold our clients accountable to their goals by assisting them professionally through the entire planning and working process.

We adhere to the principles of openness and honesty in everything we do. We believe that integrity creates trust, and it is the prerequisite for building a pleasant, long-lasting relationship with our clients.

We work with passion in our heart and mind, which drives us overwhelmingly to succeed. With full passion, we inspire excellence to create the best value for our clients. 

What can we help you overcome?

We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
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